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A software module that enables Zao-X functions to be realized on NVIDIA Jetson.
It works in combination with Zao Cloud to transmit video, audio, and control signals.
The RASCOW2 protocol, which is optimized for mobile lines, is used to monitor line status and provide redundancy.

After filling out the required information on the form here, 
an acceptance email will be sent to the email address you provided.
You will receive an email within 5 business days with instructions on how to start using the service.

You need to subscribe to Zao Cloud and download the receiving application.

Zao Cloud usage fee is required. You can start by purchasing the Zao SDK Starter Kit or by signing up for a Zao SDK trial. See the get started page for more information.

Hardware will be Jetson Nano/Jetson Xavier NX/Jetson Xavier AGX
JetPack 4.6.1 and 4.6.2 are supported as standard.

Not supported at this stage, but it’s under consideration.

Yes, it’s available.

Serial tunnel function is available. Jetson recognizes the TTY device, allows serial communication to pass through to the outside, and can also input and output messages within the user process.

Soliton hardware with 4 built-in LTE.
By connecting to Jetson via USB, you can realize a multi-link system with up to 4 lines.
MLU for Zao-X and MLU for Jetson have different built-in software, so MLU for Zao-X cannot be used correctly with Jetson.

Any modem that can be supported by JetPack can be used. (Some PPP type modems cannot be used.)

Video can be transmitted by connecting via a UVC-compatible HDMI capture device.

There are no plans to respond to this request.

Check to see if a network exists.

sudo gedit /usr/local/etc/zao/Control.conf and check if the line below is the correct URL.

Select the correct COM port. If it is already selected, after logging out, clear the cache using “File”-> “Clear Cache” and restart Zao Cloud View. The serial device selection screen will appear again, select the correct device

Early versions of Zao SDK do not support bi-directional audio transmission.
Two-way audio transmission is scheduled to be supported around summer.

FTDI US232R-10
FTDI UC232R-10
*Confirm by connecting Zao SDK for Jetson to Jetson Nano

Logitech C980 EMEET C970 Elecom UCAM-CW50ABWH *Confirmed by running Zao SDK for Jetson on Jetson Nano

* Confirmed by running Zao SDK for Jetson on Jetson Nano

Anker A7611011

・Creative SoundBlasterX G1

Fujisoft FS040U

The required free space to install Zao SDK for Jetson is 1 GB or more.

The capacity of the SD card used as the boot disk for Zao SDK for Jetson on Jetson Nano is 32GB or more.

Yes, it’s possible.

Change the description in the
/usr/local/etc/zao/RemoteEndpint.conf file from “default” to “line5”.